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About Sara - Sara Savalaxs

About Sara Savalaxs


My Story

Hello Future Friends,

I’m Sara and I am so glad you are here!

I would like to tell you a little bit about myself, why I do what I do, and what I can do for you to get you richer – inside and out.  Together, let’s create the road to wealth and the world where we all want to belong.

Have you ever felt stuck as it relates to money?  Either money doesn’t seem to flow into your life sufficiently to give you the freedom to do what your heart desires or you are making enough money but are stuck in a “golden hand-cuff” situation at work and can’t leave to pursue your desires.  My experience was the later.

Perhaps you are a successful entrepreneur or an executive who earns great money, but you want to learn how to make money work for you, so that you can multiply your wealth and leave a legacy for your loved ones.

It doesn’t matter which situation you are in, the result is the same.  You feel stuck and unable to experience the financial freedom you crave.  It doesn’t take a degree in nuclear physics to figure out that money is a tool that can give you the ability and choices to enjoy more of life and support others to enjoy their life, as well.

What can I do to help you create the road to wealth?

I, too, had a golden handcuff situation at work. I had a well-paying job but I longed for more freedom than the 40-hour workweek I was putting in.   I discovered that through solid investment skills, I could experience more of life, feel safer and more empowered when it came to money.  It wasn’t long after I started my investment journey that I became free from working for a retirement.  That was 10 years ago.  I also discovered that I was richer than I originally thought, and I suspect you may be too!

I created a one-stop-shop “Financial Freedom Bootcamp” that shows people how to become their own financial hero.  I lead them away from shopping sprees to thinking like an investor, earning thousands of dollars in a month in the stock market instead of spending couple hundred dollars at the local mall.

Our proven Financial Freedom Bootcamp program will give you the complete know-how and tools to manage, allocate, plan and invest your money like no other program.  Our Bootcamp will not just give you financial and money skills, it will also help you break free from your limiting beliefs about yourself and your money.  Literally, one stone two birds!

Even though, this is not a get-rich-quick scheme, you can start to make money work for both your short-term and long-term goals right away.   It will be very interesting and fun.   Please check what our new investors say about the program.

What motivated me to share this knowledge and create The Financial Freedom BootCamp?

I did this as much for you as for me.  I longed to share my knowledge, skills, experience and love for our community with like-minded people, like YOU.  Because without service to others, what would our lives amount to?

And I know that the investment knowledge that you will gain will enable you to share what you love into the world community free from money constraints!

This is a game no one can afford to lose.  But to win, you have to know the rules and learn the strategies of the game. Financial Freedom Bootcamp is your powerful tool to be successful in this most critical game. You can choose not to play the money game but you can’t choose to NOT be in the game.  And most people choose not to play and let other players play for them, unknowingly.

I cant invest for you.  Only you can invest in yourself and for yourself.

You are the most important asset of all.  Without you, nothing grows, nothing multiplies.

If you read this far, it is your time to pick up this TOOL! You are ready for it.

You are so much more than you think.

With so much love and admiration!



It is Sara’s coaching that made me realize the value of myself and approach to reaching my goals in my life. Sara is passionate, analytical, direct-to-the-point, and friendly. Sara has transformed herself to a top adviser, a coach, and a life-time friend.

– Ping Qiu, Lead Consultant, Large Size Engineering Firm, Toronto

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Professional Bio

Dr. Savalaxs was awarded scholarships for her Masters and PhD in Chemical Engineering.  She also earned her Financial Analysis and Portfolio Management Certificate from the University of Toronto.

Her research has won both Best Paper and Best Presentation, and her extensive experience includes highly technical fields, such as nano-carbon, hydrogen technology and generation IV of the Canadian nuclear technology. She also serves as a liaison to top-level business developers, connecting cutting edge technology suppliers to large organizations in the energy sector.

Utilizing her unique background as an engineer, business developer, and financial analyst, she worked with an investment bank advising a global energy company on investments and acquisitions. After realizing there is no better way to secure financial freedom than investing, she is harvesting her time and intellect to tackle the secrets behind the maze of the financial world.  As part of her personal development journey, she has become an ICF certified coach, enabling her clients to achieve remarkable progress toward their desired future.

Dr. Savalaxs is utilizing all of her knowledge, experience, and skills to transform complex fiscal concepts into simple and readily available financial help for professionals and their families. Her wish is to help many people take control of their personal finances, and then inspire them to pass their new financial knowledge onto their children – starting as young as 12 years old. Because, after all, time is the most important variable in a compound rate equation.