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Finance & Investment Training - Sara Savalaxs

Finance & Investment Training

Are you worried about not having enough money to live the life you want, worried about your children’s education, hating your job but can’t quit, feeling intimidated by numbers and the words “money” and “investment”, or confused about how to invest your hard-earned money?

Wherever you are in your money journey, whether you are just getting started or already on your way, we have a solution for you.

Our Finance and Investment programs are designed to be simple, practical, measurable and holistic.  You will be able to create a strong passive source of income that will support and fulfill the kind of lifestyle that you desire without trading your time for money.

How to work with me and our team?

Financial Freedom Bootcamp

Financial Freedom Bootcamp is a 9-Module online training program designed to transform you from Zero to Financial Hero.  This program is the only one you will need to learn to start making money in the stock market.

The program starts where you are no matter how much knowledge you have about money & investments.  We will start with the basic but most comprehensive money management knowledge.  The program will then lead you gently to the more sophisticated concepts in an easy and relaxed manner.

At the completion of the program you will have been introduced to the wisdom and knowledge of famous investors like Warren Buffet, Ben Graham, Phil Fisher, John Burr Williams, and Richard Russell and proven professional trading techniques.

Module One – Vision

Get clear on what is important to you and how it connects to your true self. Get your lifestyle and dreams in numbers and discover your financial peace number.

Module Two – Face the Demon

Uncover and break free from limiting beliefs around money by looking at the world through the eyes of successful investors.

Module Three – Money Management

Be enlightened about your entire money journey. Understand how money flows in and out of your life, and learn how to direct the flow like successful investors do.

Module Four – Compass

Discover your personal magic number that will navigate you through your wealth creation journey.

Module Five – Asset Allocation

Break free from financial jargon and discover asset allocation to create your own investment road map.

Module Six – Pricing & Valuation

Dive into the art and science of investment valuation within the stock market ecosystem and learn how to value a business and stock through fundamental analysis.

Module Seven – Technical Analysis

Learn the psychology behind a stock chart and understand technical trading and the timing of your investments.

Module Eight – Manage your Risk

Discover and develop a risk management strategy that matches your path to financial freedom road map.

Module Nine – Investment Strategy

Understand and step into the investment style that aligns with your current mindset using proven professional traders’ and investors’ strategies – from short term to medium term to long term.

Bonus – Investment Structuring, Account Types & Brokerages

Select the secure and efficient brokerage house and open an investing account.  It is time to start your first (paper) investment!

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I’ve learned that I’ve been ignorant and irresponsible about my finances. And if I don’t change my ways and take the right actions, I may end up being in debt down the road.

The Bootcamp’s team is very dedicated, amazing, and loving. I now have an insight on how I can improve my finances with a few simple actions for immediate results.  After Module 3, I gained clarity through the net worth and cash flow exercise and reclaimed over $20,000.  Without that amount I would be in big red ink by the end of 2018.

What changed in my life is that I realized I’m in a better position than what I thought & was afraid of. I also changed some negative attitudes toward my finances and applied positive attitudes that I learned from the Bootcamp.  I’m more hopeful that I can definitely achieve some of my goals, if not all of them.

Very thankful to be a part of the Financial Freedom Bootcamp

– Grace Abboud, ONE OF THE BIG BANKS, Toronto

One-on-One Packages

Financial & Investment One-on-One Coaching

Because we only open The Financial Bootcamp 2 times per year, we created One-on-One Packages for the potential investors who:

  • Are ready to live better and more alive
  • Are tired of trading their most valuable asset (time) for money,
  • Want to learn how to invest in stock market as a way to generate passive income
  • Believe that investing in the market is a powerful (if not the best way) to make money in a capitalist system.

We understand that once you are ready and recognize what can help you step up your money game, you can’t wait to start your money making money journey.  Because in the end, time is your best friend!

Chat with Sara in FB Messenger and discover what we can do to help you live with confidence and sleep with a smile!

Or if you are ready to start and don’t want to waste another minute, Apply to the program now and jump in with both feet.  This is be the best thing you will do for your financial future, guaranteed!  Give yourself permission.  It is your time and you’re ready for it.

What Happens After You Register?

1. First, we set up the first 45-minute exploration session with me.

This session will help you get clear on the financial goals that will most enrich and empower your life. We will explore and design the training and coaching plan that will give you the best value within the selected time frame. Together we will design the program to ensure that you can celebrate after you graduate because you will achieve your financial peace.

2. Then, we’ll decide on the schedule to meet for the next 5 sessions or 12 sessions, depending on your chosen package.

3. Or, if at the end of the Exploration Session, you are not satisfied with the plan to move forward, we will refund your money 100%. No risk to you.

We are here to support you to achieve what is possible for you financially and in life. We are 100% confident in our programs and we know that the best time to start to master your money matter is yesterday and the next best is today. But we need you to be ready for it and commit to this path to financial freedom.


  • Who is this for?
  • For newbies
  • Little to no experience in money management
  • Wants to get clear and take control of money situation
  • -
  • -
  • What's included?
  • 5 sessions
  • 45 min / session


  • Who is this for?
  • For busy investors/ professionals/entrepreneurs
  • Already have a budget and savings
  • Want a low maintenance investing style
  • See investing as additional income
  • -
  • What's included?
  • 12 sessions
  • 45 min / session


  • Who is this for?
  • For experienced stock investors looking to get a breakthrough to the next level of:
  • Profit
  • Consistency
  • Correction of repeated mistakes
  • -
  • What's included?
  • Single session
  • 45 min / session

The Most Frequently Asked Questions & Answers From Our Graduates

What is your biggest gain?

My biggest gain was the piece on analyzing stocks and determining which ones are a good buy and which ones are not. I never really knew how to do that.

How has the course changed your life or awareness around money?
I am MUCH more aware of my money after this course. From the budgeting reminder at the beginning of the course all the way to the investment allocation chart / concept, it has been an eye-opener EVERY STEP OF THE WAY.
Your understanding about money before and after?
I know money can be grown, but I myself did not know how to do it. I relied on others to help me grow my money. Now I am empowered to also grow my money. YAY!!
How did the learning help you financially?
I have been spending less on “useless” trinkets and looking at growing my money. I also want to share this knowledge with others. The North American needs this information.
What would be your recommendation to a person who is hesitating to take this course?
For the sake of a few hours you can change from having your money manage you to you managing your money.
What do you think is the real value of the course?
Clarity about money. What it is and what it isn’t. We have so many mental constructs about money! They affect us all day every day. This helped demystify it.
What might happen if you did not take this course and went through life without knowing about money system and investment?
I would have been dependent on “smarter” people to grow my money. And paid huge fees.
What are your favourite things about this course?
I love how easy and simple Sara presents the concepts. Some of it is complicated but she makes it simple. I love my investment portfolio on GuruFocus. I look at it almost every day now. Soon I will get the courage to invest my own cash on my own stock picks!