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One-on-One Package: PRO



Who is this for?
  • For busy investors/ professionals/entrepreneurs
  • Already have a budget and savings
  • Want a low maintenance investing style
  • See investing as additional income
What’s included?
  • 12 sessions
  • 45 min / session

Because we only open The Financial Bootcamp 2 times per year, we created One-on-One Packages for the potential investors who:

  • Are ready to live better and more alive
  • Are tired of trading most valuable asset (time) for money,
  • Want to learn how to invest in stock market as a way to generate passive income
  • Believe that investing in the market is a powerful (if not the best way) to make money in a capitalist system.

We understand that once you are ready and recognize what can help you step-up your money game, you can’t wait to start your money making money journey.  Because in the end, time is your best friend!

Chat to Sara in FB Messenger and discover what we can do to help you live with confidence and sleep with a smile!

Or if you are ready to start and don’t want to waste another minute, Apply to the program now and jump in with both feet.  This will be the best thing you do for your financial future, guaranteed!  Give yourself permission.  It is your time and you’re ready for it.

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